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New and small-medium sized companies often struggle to recruit top performing candidates.Concentrus Recruiting Services has a process that allows our recruiters to provide clients with only the best qualified candidates. Our proven track record and dedication in sourcing the right candidates is our goal. Let our recruitment team do the legwork finding talented, qualified candidates, so that all you need to do is make the final selection!

Concentrus has 15 years of proven experience helping clients with their recruiting needs. Let us help you!

What makes us unique?

Deep Dive

At Concentrus, we get to know you and offer recruitment solutions tailored to your needs. Our recruiters are curious; we do a deep dive assessment into the culture of your business and core values.

Match Competency and Culture

We match competency and culture fit to give you the best chance at success. We not only focus on the candidates experience we focus on the organizations culture and core values. This allows us to align the right candidates with the same goals and values of the organization.

Build Teams

We pride ourselves on building a strong and cohesive team of employees for our clients. In fact, our recruiting team has the best seasoned recruiters – each with more than 10 years of experience. Our goal is to find the best possible candidates for your business, for the long term.

Deep Talent Pool

We have a diverse candidate database of over 19,000 professionals, and it’s growing every day. With such a deep pool of talent, our recruitment solutions involve finding not only candidates with the right technical skills, but valuable employees who will fit in with the culture of your company.

Concentrus Recruiting Offers


Full Cycle Recruiting


Candidate Screening


Passive/Active Candidates


Direct Source Research


Customize Job Posting


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)



How Can Concentrus Help?

You’re great at what you love to do – running your business. We’re great at what we do – developing and implementing recruiting solutions that meet your needs. Our team of experienced recruiters know how to identify potential candidates, screen applicants thoroughly and ask the right questions during the initial interview process. Our success is measured by our clients being completely satisfied and the candidate feeling like they’ve found their place.

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