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NetSuite Pricing and Cost

Because of its highly configurable nature, NetSuite pricing is not straightforward. The company does not publish its subscription prices because different types of businesses require not only different types of licenses, but different advanced add-ons as well.

That’s why it’s vital to work with an experienced NetSuite Solution Provider like Concentrus who can help you figure out not only the right base platform license for your business, but also which additional components will add to your NetSuite cost. We take pride in ensuring that you’re purchasing only what you need from the suite of business management software. What does NetSuite cost when you buy from Concentrus? The same as what you would pay if you purchased directly from NetSuite, with added guidance, support, and training.

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Types of NetSuite Licenses

NetSuite is a very flexible product, with a variety of editions and modules that you can add to customize the platform for your specific business. You can buy a standard license based on the size of your business (Small, Mid-Market, or Enterprise) and then add the advanced modules that you need. Alternately, NetSuite offers a variety of software editions that are targeted to specific industries and include those modules that are most common, bundled into one package.

Industry Editions

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Nonprofit
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Professional Services
  • Consulting
  • Software/Internet Companies
  • Media and Publishing
  • Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Healthcare
  • IT Services
  • Energy
  • Education

A Partial List of
Advanced Modules

  • Advanced Billing
  • Advanced Financials
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Advanced Project Accounting
  • Custom Checkout Domain
  • Dedicated Sandbox
  • Dedicated Server
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Job Costing
  • Manufacturing Work In Process
  • Multi-Book Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Shipping
  • Site Builder
  • SuiteCommerce Advanced
One of the benefits that you get with NetSuite is that it's designed to be a scalable system. While you may start out with a Limited license and only a few advanced modules when you're starting out to keep your NetSuite cost down, you can add more modules or switch to a bigger license as your business grows. Moreover, because NetSuite is a cloud-based system, you won't have to worry about adding expensive new hardware as you add functionality.

NetSuite Value

How Can I Save on the NetSuite Cost?

The best way to save on your NetSuite costs is to work with a Solution Provider like Concentrus. Because NetSuite is such a robust and customizable ERP solution, it can be very confusing – do you really know what modules your company needs? Concentrus is here to help. Our goal is to make sure that you only purchase what you need and nothing more.

In addition to buying only the parts of NetSuite that you need, you may be able to lower your costs by purchasing a long-term contract. This can lock your price in for multiple years, so you don’t get hit with annual price increases. Concentrus can negotiate with NetSuite on your behalf, helping to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

NetSuite Support

NetSuite offers three levels of support services – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – with more access at a higher price. Customers also receive access to the SuiteAnswers technical support portal when they purchase support services.

We’re NetSuite experts, having performed many implementations and customizations. Concentrus will work as your partner, offering support the whole way through your purchasing and implementation process. Our sales team will work with you to determine the right NetSuite license and modules for you, and teach you about the system. Once implemented, we’ll continue to support and guide you in using the system. We are a full-service consultancy, offering training, customization, ongoing support, and more.

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How Much Is NetSuite Going to Save?

Perhaps a more important question than “How much does NetSuite cost?” is “How much does NetSuite save?” Because this software platform unites so many of your back office (and even some front office, in some cases) systems, it can save you considerable time and money by making your business and employees more efficient. By using one central database of information that’s shared by everyone in your business, you may eliminate costly errors that occur when data is not transferred between departments accurately. In addition, reporting is much more robust and easier to put together since you aren’t wasting time trying to combine information from systems that don’t talk to each other.

Another factor to consider is how much NetSuite can save you in technology and maintenance costs. By using the cloud-based software, you don’t have the added cost of purchasing new hardware that needs to be powered, housed, and maintained. You’ll also save on staff, since you won’t have to pay someone to manage that equipment.

Get Started with NetSuite

The best way to figure out the NetSuite pricing for your business is to talk to an experienced team member at Concentrus. We'll get to know you and your business, coming to a full understanding of what you need before we make any recommendations. Our team will teach you what you need to know about NetSuite so that you can determine what's right for you. Then we'll work with you to purchase only what you need and provide you with experienced support every step of the way.

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