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One of the most popular cloud-based business management software solutions, NetSuite is a comprehensive suite of tools that includes enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting programs. This software suite allows you to connect nearly all of your back-office systems, giving them access to a shared database of information. As useful as these many tools are, however, many companies rely on in-house legacy systems that don’t store data in the cloud, as well as several non-NetSuite web-based programs to run their business. Fortunately, NetSuite is designed to be customized to fit the specific needs of a given business, and NetSuite integration with other applications is very common.

Just because a system is made to be customized doesn’t mean that those modifications are simple to make, however. Every integration has the potential to run into trouble, and errors can cost you a significant amount of time and money. That’s where NetSuite integration partners like Concentrus can help. Concentrus has a dedicated team of experienced developers on staff who are ready to handle all of your integration needs. We’ve installed and integrated NetSuite into our own business, and we know how to make integrations work.

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NetSuite Integration Methods

All NetSuite integration methods essentially boil down to the same thing: create a web-based script that allows the NetSuite software to connect to other applications. Scripts are created using RESTful web services and require the creator to have a good understanding of SuiteScript. NetSuite offers SuiteTalk, an integration tool that allows connectors to be created in other programming languages that support the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) standard. This tool is designed to make NetSuite API integration more accessible to developers who work in Java, .NET, or other languages.

There are also several pre-built connectors created by outside companies made for NetSuite ERP integration with some of the most commonly used business software. If you’re looking for NetSuite Salesforce integration, for example, you’re likely to find several connector options available.

Concentrus: The NetSuite Integration Partner You Deserve


The reality of any successful NetSuite integration is that it will require the time and effort of a dedicated development team. If you use SuiteTalk, you’ll need developers who understand the platform and have both the time and experience to create and test the various scripts. Pre-built connectors will nearly always require additional customization, whether from your in-house team or from the party who created them. Creating your own scripts for NetSuite integration requires significant time and costs, and can delay other IT projects, and that’s if you have a team with the knowledge and experience to integrate your systems without errors.


Every integration faces possible hurdles and making a mistake can cost your company significantly, especially if client and financial data is affected. Larger companies and those with complex, customized system architectures often find that NetSuite integration becomes a deeply complicated, resource-heavy project. Any company that does not have a development team with extensive experience creating NetSuite integration scripts should hire a NetSuite Solution Partner with a skilled development team to help.


You can trust Concentrus to relieve your pain when it comes to NetSuite integration projects. We have a full team of experienced developers on staff to create custom modifications for your company. Unlike many other NetSuite consulting firms, we don’t need to outsource NetSuite ERP integrations; rather than working with another company and hoping that they’ve got the right developers for the job, we’ve built the best in the business.

A Concentrus Partnership

Like everyone else on our NetSuite team, our developers are not focused on driving their own agendas. We’re only here to solve your problems in the best, most efficient way possible. For us, it’s about solving the problem, not just addressing a system issue. As a full-service NetSuite consulting firm, our work doesn’t stop once we’ve installed the software. In addition to customization and modifications, we offer process improvement, training, and much more.

Because we’ve installed and integrated NetSuite into our own systems, we understand the potential pitfalls – as well as the solutions. The Concentrus integration developers have significant Javascript development and SaaS integration experience. We’ll work with your team to get a deep understanding of your business needs and what you need NetSuite to do. Then we’ll come up with a plan that meets your goals and objectives, whether it’s a complete NetSuite installation or customization and integration of your existing system.

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