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Invest in effective B2B sales training and develop your biggest assets — your people. This will pay great dividends in today's hyper-competitive sales landscape, where it's vitally important that you choose a sales training program that is practical and aligned with your vision, mission, and goals. At Concentrus, we do training the way adults learn best: with engaging activities, precise and honest feedback, and lots of practice. Our sales training delivers programs to help individuals grow both personally and professionally, allowing you to create a stronger, better equipped workforce.

"I experienced trainers who had a genuine interest in helping their class truly uncover their own personal blind spots, become more self-aware, develop a sense of humility and become better developed in the 7-Step selling process. They were direct and kind in all feedback that they gave the class and offered personal 1:1 training after class for those who wanted the extra help."
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About Concentrus Sales Training

Two-Day Customer Focused Sales Training

Our custom-tailored sales training courses are designed to fit your company's culture, values, and goals, as well as being tailored to your industry and the clients you serve. We teach B2B sales professionals the skills they need to differentiate your business from the competition and provide exceptional value to your customers. At Concentrus, we believe that to achieve consistent and lasting results, the best sales training must teach individuals to align their core beliefs and actions with their intended results. We challenge individuals to think and act differently through precise feedback, role plays, exercises, and self-discovery.

More than simple practice, our hand-crafted role play scenarios address the most critical challenges each unique organization faces and needs their sales people to master. With these exercises, we offer consistent, precise feedback to help participants think and act differently, leading to improved sales effectiveness.

Proven and Effective Sales Process

Concentrus sales training programs are two-day courses that teach participants both relevant, practical skills and how to be better listeners, be more "others-focused," and create more value for customers. Participants become more proficient in uncovering customer issues as a result, enabling them to provide solutions that deliver exceptional value.

During our B2B sales training, participants will create behaviors that lead to peak performance by learning to use a proven and effective Sales Process. This process will improve their ability to connect, listen, and ask deeper questions, allowing them to get to the root of customer concerns to deliver long-term value in the solutions you offer.

Concentrus sales training is highly personal, active, and engaging. Attendees participate in activities and role play that are relevant, practical, and realistic, in a safe environment conducive to learning. We'll put you through challenging real-world scenarios so that you can gain first-hand experience dealing with the most difficult situations in a safe and constructive environment. This type of approach to B2B sales training is vital because the way your team practices is the way they'll play.

Highly Personal, Active, and Engaging

In addition to our custom-tailored sales training and experiential leadership development courses, Concentrus offers a blended solution to help you identify and develop your top talent to transform the way they achieve sales success. The High Performance Sales Bootcamp is an intensive, four-day sales course focused on accelerated performance enhancement. In addition to being taught vital, practical sales skills, participants will get a heightened awareness of limiting belief systems, blind-spots and paradigms that hinder peak performance. Each Bootcamp attendee will be given daily performance evaluations designed to guide them toward accelerating growth, with only the best of the best graduating from the program.

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"This was not going to be a hand holding class that anyone could get through with wit and charm. You were expected to come into the class with a strong understanding of the sales process, company culture, processes, and systems."

Achieve Peak Performance

Are you ready to invest in your sales team and drive peak performance? We’re passionate about partnering with small-to-medium businesses with B2B sales teams that are looking achieve unprecedented sales success. Find out if Concentrus Sales Training is right for you.

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