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High Performance Sales Boot Camp

Get ready for four days that will revolutionize your company. Not everybody graduates — only the top performers earn that right. The Concentrus 4-Day Intensive Sales Boot Camp separates the wheat from the chaff and gives you an unbeatable competitive advantage!

To date my Boot Camp experience has been the most invaluable training I have had throughout my 20+ years in the business world. My only regret is that I hadn't been trained using the 7 Step skill set when I first started my career in the sales industry some 20 years ago."
– Cory S.
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Performance Enhancement for Your Entire Sales Team — from the Frontline to Management

Your team can achieve more. You know it. They know it. Concentrus will show you how.

The intense but uplifting Boot Camp will give your people the clarity, focus, and skills they need to perform at their best — to delight your customers, to close more of the right business, and to feel genuinely great about the work they do every day. Perhaps most importantly, Sales Boot Camp shines a light on who can really go the distance for your team to become a powerful sales leader.

What We Do

Graduating Only the Best of the Best

Our 4-Day Intensive course isn't exactly Navy Seal training (there will be no diving out of helicopters at 4am into the ocean … probably), but we do have strict standards. Participants will be evaluated every day and given specific feedback on areas for improvement. Only those who master the skills will make it. We want to make sure that we graduate only your top talent as you consider who to put out in front of your key customers.

Two Facilitators Working Together to Train Your Team

Concentrus Sales Boot Camp delivers a powerful one-two punch with two highly qualified leaders who deliver the course together. The first trainer deals with personal growth breakthroughs: helping your people understand the core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors responsible for the results they're getting. When participants come to understand the true reasons for their actions — why they put their guard up, why they come off as cold, hesitant, or pushy on the phone, why they're resistant to honest feedback, why they try to justify failures, or why they fail to take full ownership over their success — the work can spark personal breakthroughs and "ah-ha!" moments. We call it transformation … or a "mind-shift."

These revelations complement the expertise of the second facilitator, who specializes in developing your team's vital sales skills. We provide detailed feedback, performance reviews, and guidance for how your people can accelerate their growth. We work closely with leadership and management teams, giving them the information they need to grow their people. And once Sales Boot Camp participants make these internal shifts, very little ongoing reinforcement needs to be done — the changes stick because they happen at the root.

We Get a Clear Understanding of Your Culture

The Concentrus Training team puts a huge emphasis on your company culture during the Sales Boot Camp. We start by getting to the heart of who you are: What drives you? What are your shared values? What's your mission and your vision? In order for the sales process to function well, everyone must understand and work from the "WHY" of your organization. Otherwise, any focus on the "WHAT" is short-lived, without true purpose. From purpose, breeds passion. That's why we add "alignment to cultural fit" as part of our scoring.

Understand that sales is in some ways almost a spiritual activity. To be great, you need to know yourself on a deep level. Sales Boot Camp brings heightened awareness to your limiting belief-systems and provides the tools and resources to break through them, as individuals learn to be genuinely "others-focused," how to master "servant leadership," and how to own and celebrate their successes. These skills can be personally transforming.

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