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Be an Effective, Intentional Leader

Concentrus Leadership Training programs are ideal for managers and executives at all levels who are ready to achieve unprecedented results both professionally and personally. Participants will gain a heightened awareness of their natural tendencies, blind-spots, and the impact that they have on others, allowing them to be intentional in their leadership and actions.

"It made me realize how I come off to others when I am interacting with them. I learned so much from this experience, and I have applied it to my everyday life."
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The Benefits of Concentrus Leadership Training

Paradigm Shift

Studies show that most leadership training inspires employees right after they leave the program, but without a fundamental shift in core beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets, participants quickly fall back into old habits and ways of doing things. Concentrus Leadership Training guides individuals to make the paradigm shift needed to make that inspiration stick.

Understand Personal Barriers

Those who attend our courses will gain a clearer understanding of their personal barriers, how those barriers impede their leadership effectiveness, and how to overcome them. This results in leaders who are ready to guide your organization in providing excellent value to your customers, strengthening your corporate culture, and achieving unprecedented results.

Honest Insight

At Concentrus, we partner with our clients' leadership and management teams to provide honest insight about their performance and the character of their leaders. These insights can aid organizations in making key organizational and leadership decisions.

Concentrus Leadership Development Courses

Our Leadership Development program is a three-part series of "Quantum" leadership courses requiring two days each:

  1. Quantum "Leadership is a State of Mind"
    Quantum Leadership is a State of Mind is an opportunity to discover the mental and emotional triggers that may prevent you from successfully executing a PIP, feedback or termination conversation. You will learn how to effectively break down conversations for clarity and understanding. You will also gain insight into how you operate under stress, where you operate responsibly and the areas you may be avoiding responsibility. The training is highly interactive and includes exercise, role plays and lecturettes.
  2. Quantum Leadership
    In Quantum leadership, your active participation in specifically designed games and exercises will reveal your natural leadership skills and gaps, allowing you to have your own self-generated idea on what your impact is as a leader. While awareness is powerful, we do not stop there. We will equip you with the necessary skills to fill those gaps for sustainable and potent transformation in your organization.
  3. Quantum Legacy
    In the final phase of the Quantum series, leaders are challenged to now look beyond themselves and their teams and into the next generation of leaders. Quantum Legacy is reserved for leaders who have gone through the building blocks of their own leadership so that they can now invest in the future leaders of their organizations. Participants will be equipped with skills that will equip them to identify future leaders and have fierce conversations in order to begin sowing into their abilities. Leaders will also be provided potent business practices which will challenge them to walk into greater accountability and ways to continue to drive profitability for the organization. We pour in so you can pour out.
"Quantum has made me look at me and situations in ways that were foreign to me."

Each of the courses in this executive leadership development program involves experiential training, applying what participants are learning to real-world situations. We use interactive games and activities that reveal blind spots, along with honest, critical examination and precise feedback from experienced trainers. Our trainers work with each individual to help them overcome their limits to achieve their goals.

Quantum training courses teach more than just how to be a good manager in the office; they can have a significant impact on the personal lives of attendees. Our leadership training is designed to help the leaders and key decision makers in your organization take a personal stake in the vision, mission, and goals of your company.

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