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Take your company to higher levels of success with corporate training from Concentrus. Our tested and proven courses, taught by experienced trainers, get to the underlying beliefs and attitudes that drive behavior as well as developing practical skills that equip your people and business to thrive and grow. Our corporate training solutions serve as a catalyst for transforming the way individuals and organizations think, act, and achieve unprecedented results for your business.

"[The training made me] realize not only how I come across to others, but it made me realize how I see myself … I apply what I learned out on the field every day and I find myself referencing back to that week regularly. I definitely apply it to my personal life, and it has made better relationships."
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The Concentrus Difference

At Concentrus Corporate Training, we've built our foundation on helping organizations to grow by elevating both the character and competencies of the individuals and organizations we serve. This means that we do more than teach your sales team the latest practices that everyone else in your industry is using. We get to know you as a company — including your values and culture — and custom tailor our approach. Employees walk away from our corporate training courses with a new understanding and new behaviors, as well as practical skills that they can put to work immediately in the real world.

The Benefits of Concentrus Training

We believe that, to achieve consistent and lasting results, it is essential for individuals and organizations to align their core "ways of being" and actions with their intended results. We're different from other corporate training companies because we put our focus on both "People" and "Results."


Challenge Systems

We challenge everyone who attends our training courses to examine their core belief systems and attitudes, which affect the actions they take (or do not take) to perform their job with the utmost excellence.


Sharpen Skills

We teach and sharpen the skills that each individual needs to carry out your organization's vision and mission to the fullest extent. This leads to improved productivity and the behaviors that allow you to achieve your desired results.


Evaluate Results

We evaluate the results of our corporate training programs to provide management teams with practical insights, assisting them in making key decisions with regards to personnel and performance management.

If you're ready to take your company to unprecedented results, Concentrus is here to serve you.

Corporate Training Course Offerings

Concentrus Corporate Training focuses on three key areas to develop your organization's talents and abilities. These areas correspond to our three main corporate training course offerings.

Sales Training

Our custom-tailored sales training programs give B2B sales professionals the mindset and skills that they need to make your business stand out from your competitors and create real value for your customers. Incorporating extensive role play, precise feedback, and experiential training methods, these two-day courses provide your team with a heightened awareness of the attitudes and paradigms that are driving behavior as well as the practical skills they need to meet the unique needs of your company. Participants will learn to use a consultative, solution-based sales process to establish long-term relationships with their customers. They'll learn to place customer needs first and to identify the root causes behind customer issues, allowing them to deliver exceptional value in the solutions you offer, further differentiating your company from the competition.

The Concentrus sales training program incorporates extensive engaging activities and role playing scenarios, and provides the ongoing, direct feedback that is vital for genuine success. Our corporate sales training programs will give participants the experience that they need to replace ineffective selling habits with ones that not only create customers, but raving fans.

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development courses are all about shifting paradigms and attitudes that influence necessary behaviors to lead to higher success. This type of corporate training is ideal for your company's leaders and key influencers at all levels, helping them to identify their own beliefs and behaviors, and how these affect both the organization and their personal lives. Participants will gain a better understanding of those ideas and attitudes that limit their growth potential as well as recognizing the blind spots that impede the effectiveness of their leadership.

Concentrus Leadership Development corporate training programs are structures as a three-part Quantum Series, each of which requires two days.

All of the courses that make up this corporate training program are focused on leadership development through experiential training, challenging participants to be honest and open with themselves, to interrogate their current reality, their impact on those around them, and how they work with others. This type of fully engaged training will allow leaders take a personal stake in living out your company's mission and goals. Those who attend Concentrus Leadership courses are much more aware of their natural tendencies and blind-spots, enabling them to be intentional in their leadership to achieve unprecedented results.

High Performance Sales Boot Camp

An intensive four-day course, this blended corporate training solution provides the ideal combination of skill development and personal leadership development for individuals at all levels who have customer-facing roles. Not for the faint of heart, Boot Camp training is designed to ensure we only graduate the "best of the best" to help your company to identify its top talent, from a both a cultural and competence standpoint. Participants are required to be fully committed to this program, since it will challenge them to honestly look at the barriers that hold them back from success and learn new skills and ways of thinking to take ownership over their own success.

The Intensive Sales Boot Camp course is led by two facilitators, one focused on developing the vital sales skills and one on personal growth. Participants in this unique corporate training experience will be evaluated throughout the entire week and be given honest daily performance evaluations, allowing them to gain clarity into their performance and how they can accelerate their growth. Not only with they learn and refine those critical skills that enable them to create exceptional value for their customers, successful participants will also gain a deep understanding of servant leadership, being other-focused, and having extreme ownership over their success.

Only the best will graduate from the program, making the High Performance Sales Boot Camp an excellent tool for identifying and developing the top talent within your company. Boot Camp graduates walk away with effective sales and communication skills to get to the root of customer issues and achieve success with a desire to truly serve others.

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