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Why Partner with Concentrus Training?

  • You’ve got a clear Vision, a Mission, and Goals, but something’s holding you back from reaching the results you want.
  • You’ve got good people, but they’re struggling to perform at peak levels. You’re tired of settling for status quo.
  • You’ve invested into training in the past, but still not seeing improved results

Concentrus Training partners with CEOs, Presidents of Companies, Business Owners, & Senior Executives to get to the root of performance & personnel issues impacting the bottom-line and hindering growth.

Tools for Your Success:

  • Informative Personality, Behavioral, & Competency Assessments to make sound decisions around staff selection, development, & management.
  • Result-oriented Workshops & Training Courses to equip your key personnel to consistently achieve greater results
  • Actionable Coaching Plans personalized to develop key behaviors to maximize your team’s full potential

Let us partner with you to tackle your biggest challenges. Share your unique business needs, challenges, & goals with us, to see if we can help.

"[The training made me] realize not only how I come across to others, but it made me realize how I see myself … I apply what I learned out on the field every day and I find myself referencing back to that week regularly. I definitely apply it to my personal life, and it has made better relationships."
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Have specific challenges in an area of your business?

  • Struggling to find quality talent? Don’t have enough A-Players on your team (you know the ones who consistently meet & exceed your expectations and exemplify your company culture)?
  • Difficulty getting a large & consistent enough stream of NEW customer revenue converting through your pipeline? Or is discounting your products or services eating into your profit margins?
  • Is your leadership or management staff having a hard time addressing performance or personnel issues effectively? Are you noticing symptoms like lower employee engagement & productivity, or unresolved conflict within your organization?

Concentrus Training & Development Solutions can help you address challenges with identifying A-Players, Sales Development, & Leadership Effectiveness through customized solutions & our unique approach. Let us find out if we’re a fit for you.

The Benefits of Concentrus Training

We believe that, to achieve consistent and lasting results, it is essential for individuals and organizations to align their core "ways of being" and actions with their intended results. We're different from other corporate training companies because we put our focus on both "People" and "Results."


Challenge Systems

We challenge everyone who attends our training courses to examine their core belief systems and attitudes, which affect the actions they take (or do not take) to perform their job with the utmost excellence.


Sharpen Skills

We teach and sharpen the skills that each individual needs to carry out your organization's vision and mission to the fullest extent. This leads to improved productivity and the behaviors that allow you to achieve your desired results.


Evaluate Results

We evaluate the results of our corporate training programs to provide management teams with practical insights, assisting them in making key decisions with regards to personnel and performance management.

If you're ready to take your company to unprecedented results, Concentrus is here to serve you.

Corporate Training Course Offerings

Concentrus Corporate Training focuses on three key areas to develop your organization's talents and abilities. These areas correspond to our three main corporate training course offerings.

Sales Development

Is your company missing its revenue goals because your sales team is struggling with prospecting and then closing business in a predictable manner? You’re not alone!

Some of the challenges Presidents, CEO’s and business Owners bring us are:

  • Difficulty building trust with prospects
  • Losing sales to competitors
  • Discounting to close business
  • Prospect stalls and objections
  • Difficulty converting new business
  • Under developed or unpredictable pipeline
  • An inconsistent sales process/no sales process

Our custom Training, Evaluation and Coaching program, arms your team will with the Skills, Strategies and Tactics they need to fill their pipeline and effectively convert their leads into long-term, profitable customers.

To learn more about Sales Development for your company, contact us today.

Manager & Leadership Development

Is your organization experiencing personnel and performance issues that you are concerned might cause bigger problems down the road, decreased morale, and low productivity? Many managers have not been formally trained to navigate, motivate and align their teams, having a real, negative impact on the bottom line.

The good news is that we can help! In this training, we address challenges such as:

  • Leaders settling for mediocre performance
  • Leadership staff does not challenge or break the status quo
  • Managing conflict
  • Effectively communicating with your team

Our Management and Leadership Training, Evaluation and Coaching programs equip your leadership team with the skills, tools, and awareness they need to take your organization to new heights. We partner with you to help your leadership team overcome limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors so that they can accelerate growth and drive profit.

To learn more about Manager & Leadership Development for your company, contact us today.

Communication & Problem Solving Skill Development

Is your organization struggling to identify the root causes behind performance, personnel, process, or customer issues? Let’s address it as it is already costing your organization valuable time and money!

We want to help. We address the following challenges for your staff:

  • Developing acute listening skills for high performance
  • Unable to solve reoccurring business problems
  • Identifying the preferred communication style of your audience
  • Achieving ‘buy in’ by speaking a common language

We coach your staff members to get curious, ask deep, intentional questions, and truly listen to understand root problems. We provide your team with the tools they need to find long-term solutions that deliver lasting results both for your customers and within your organization.

To learn more about Communication & Problem Solving Development for your company, contact us today.

Personality, Behavioral, & Temperament Evaluation

Are you struggling to find, hire, and communicate with employees and candidates that match your company’s culture and vision? Studies show that the cost of a bad hire can be astronomical in terms of time, money and resources. But what tools do your HR teams use to identify High Performers vs. Low Performers before you commit to them?

Finding the right people is crucial to your organization’s success. We can help you address key challenges such as:

  • Difficulty hiring the right person for the right role
  • Inability to drive change in your organization
  • Difficulty resolving workplace conflicts
  • Not fully leveraging your employees’ natural strengths
  • Measuring a candidates core skill set objectively

We’ll help you get clarity on the unique talents, abilities and personalities of your existing workforce or potential candidates so that you can ensure that you have the right people in the right roles. We empower you with the assessment, training and coaching you need to deliver maximum results for your company.

To learn more about our Personality, Behavioral, & Competency Assessments, contact us today.

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